A New Frontier in Investing

As the cannabis industry emerges, it is revealing opportunities for investors seeking high yield returns and for entrepreneurs seeking to bring their ideas to market.  For smart investors and entrepreneurs, it is also revealing questions that require answers.

The best investment and business decisions are backed by solid fundamentals and primary research. This is the premise on which Akras Research & Capital was founded. Allow our team and their research to guide your investment or capital raising such that you enter this industry with confidence.

What many observers fail to see is the level of scale and sophistication with which businesses in the legal cannabis industry operate. From pharmaceutical drug discovery and medicinal applications to compliance and financial services, a whole host of services and products are developing to serve the growth of the industry and its existing and emerging consumer base.

The financial services infrastructure for the legal cannabis industry is currently insufficient, and not able to satisfy the capital needs of the many businesses and start-up entrepreneurs operating in the space.  Both new and seasoned entrepreneurs are entering the space with capital requirements. Since traditional banks and sources of investment capital are wary of federal regulatory issues, capital is not readily available. They are then falling back on family/friend capital channels, which have their own trappings.

Akras exists to fill this white space between entrepreneurs and providers of capital in the burgeoning cannabis industry.


Why “Äkräs”?

In Nordic culture, Akras is the god of agricultural, fertility and protector of cannabis.  An omnipotent being utilizes all information when making decisions. Akras Research & Capital seeks to ensure that your investment and business decisions take into consideration as much information and research as is available such that you have the utmost confidence.

The Akras Research & Capital team came together based upon a shared understanding of how to conduct and lever research for making smart investment decisions.  The team also shares  a down to earth approach to business, relationships and investing. These characteristics applied to the emerging legal cannabis industry provides you with a relatable and real team of investment professionals who want to help you grow your business and generate returns on your invested capital.



Akras Research & Capital provides a range of services for both entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors looking to enter the industry. Please reach out to schedule a conversation with one of our founding partners, and we’ll assess how Akras can help you meet your goals.

Capital – For entrepreneurs that have capital needs and a business prepared for due diligence processes, we are able to provide both structured loans at market rates as well as capital for equity deals. If you are serious about raising capital for your business, and have an executive summary to share, please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Investment For investors looking to enter into the cannabis industry or grow their debt placement, Akras Research & Capital seeks to provide you with returns in exchange for helping fund the growth of the small and select pool of ventures with which we work. With its proprietary credit model, solid due diligence processes and guidance offered to its ventures, Akras mitigates as much risk to the investor as possible. Additionally, Akras co-invests in each deal to express confidence in the ventures it supports.

Research – With a body of experience conducting equity and credit research, we will profile both new and existing players in cannabis as well as share macro views of the industry as a whole. As we collect information about the emerging cannabis industry we will share it through a variety of channels including our website and our media partners.