A Real Team Making Smart Investments

In the large and competitive landscape of firms serving the real estate investment industry, Akras is positioned as an analytical powerhouse, making intelligent investments supported by an honest, experienced, down-to-earth team who care about the people and communities it impacts. Founded by Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholders and entrepreneurial managers with decades of experience in Mortgage Backed Securities analysis, trading, hospitality and serial entrepreneurship, it will scale its impact while maintaining a real, open and approachable culture. “Real. Smart. Real Estate. “


Akras invests in Multi-Family units and small to medium-sized apartment buildings in secondary and tertiary inland cities including Spokane, WA, Colorado Springs, CO and Buffalo, NY, among others. After purchasing, it rehabilitates these units to a best in class  standard of comfort and rent them at fair market price to local apartment tenants. Akras raises capital from investors to facilitate this activity and actively co-invests in each deal. As market conditions permit, Akras sells these buildings with the goal of generating strong returns on investment for its partners.


As the business scales, Akras may seek other opportunities including investing in self-storage units, mobile home parks, large-scale developments and new construction, as well as other mergers and acquisitions.