New Year, New You, Right??

Well, if you’re like most of us, a New Year’s resolution lasts for maybe a week. Everything goes well until that rain storm washes away your morning jog resolution.  What if you had some New Year’s resolutions that didn’t simply change your week, but changed your LIFE…and had the staying power to affect the life of your family now and for generations to come??

Read on for Three Investment Resolutions that will help you and your family have the best life ever, including a little known investing secret that the wealthy have guarded for decades: the Self-Directed IRA.

Resolution # 1. “Think Outside the ‘Stocks'”


  • In the end of 2018 we’ve watched the stock and commodity markets teeter totter, sometimes in epic ways. While the stock market is definitely an important part of a diversified investment strategy, it is also volatile, and a harder way to preserve capital. Real estate investment offers ways to preserve AND grow your capital in both growing and recessionary economic environments. Real estate is a scarce resource, so as population grows, it becomes more valuable. Period. If you look at global real estate value data from the past 150 years, the trend is predictable and obvious – it goes up. Depressions, recessions and even World Wars are little blips or small dips on the radar screen. 

This graph demonstrates growth in global home value from 1870 to 2015.

Resolution #2. Stop Trading YOUR Time for Money; Create Freedom in Your Life


  • Real estate investments can provide you with passive income, so you can stop working for a boss and trading your valuable time for money in a 9-5 lifestyle. Become the boss!
  • You can buy a house or apartment building  (or partner with people that do – see below to connect with us) that generates more revenue than the mortgage and costs, providing you with predictable monthly cash flow while building equity and wealth.
  • With love and care, these buildings will continue to generate revenue into the future and can be passed down from generation to generation. We know a real estate investor that earmarked a certain project for their daughter’s college fund!


Resolution #3. Invest in Real Estate in 2019 w/ a Self-Directed IRA

There is a tool out there that has generated more wealth in the US than we can wrap our heads around. For decades it has been utilized by the wealthy and in-the-know to invest in real estate and creates real, generational wealth. Since they didn’t teach us this in school, and rarely would you stumble across it on your own, let us introduce you to the hidden gem that we came across called the “Self-Directed IRA”(SDIRA).

So What Is It Exactly?

An SDIRA is a retirement account that gives you complete control over your investment choices, providing you the ability to invest in asset classes like real estate or to make private loans for a guaranteed return.  By using an SDIRA, you can start investing in real estate without needing to use or have any cash savings. Likely, your current IRA is invested with a traditional IRA company like Fidelity or Vanguard, which limits the investments you have access to, and mainly consists of more volatile investments like stocks and mutual funds.  You can use your current IRA money or a 401k account from a previous employer to fund your SDIRA and take control of your money. To get started using this tool all you need to do is transfer your current IRA funds to a SDIRA company, of which there are plenty to choose from. Once you have done this, you can then invest the money in more diversified investments, and many choose real estate, which is generally more stable than the stock market, and can produce a higher return over time.

Why Would I Do This?

  • You can invest in real estate, and other asset classes THIS YEAR, without dipping into your personal savings.
  • Using an SDIRA allows you to generate returns “tax deferred”, meaning you don’t have to pay any taxes on your investments until you take the money out later in retirement. This keeps a lot more money in your pocket!
  • It  also allows you to take control of your hard-earned savings, diversify your portfolio and make investments with more stable, predictable returns compared to stocks which are always going up and down.
  • Ever hear of “Einstein’s Rule Of 72”? Learn how you can turn $100K into $3.2 Million by your retirement in the article linked below.

If you want to read our comprehensive report on the SDIRA, including it’s advantages, disadvantages and how you can get started setting one up for investing: “SDIRA – A Comprehensive Write Up by Akras”

If you want to talk to the team at Akras Capital about these three Resolutions, including how to put your retirement money to work in 2019 with an SDIRA or other hidden sources of capital, connect with us now.