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Earn Passive Income, Retire Early And Create The Life You Want

Passive Real Estate Investments*

  1. Collateralized and Conservative Risk-Adjusted Multifamily Assets
  2. Higher Returns Than Traditional Investment Options (16.5% Annual Average Track Record**)
  3. Minimal Stock Market Correlation

*For accredited investors only. Click here for the definition. **Past performance is no guarantee of future results

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Let’s take a glimpse into Your future

Where time and money are abundant

A life exploring together.

A life of quality time with family.

A stress-free retirement.

A life of adventure.

Let your money work for you, not the other way around

Most people trade their time for money.

We challenge you to shift this mindset.

By passively investing in real estate, you generate income 7 days a week, 365 days a year, creating a new kind of freedom.

At Akras Capital, we help people create this freedom in their lives whether that means more time to travel the world, more time with your family, or more peace of mind related to retirement.

And that starts with achieving financial freedom through passive income. 

About Äkräs Capital


We’re former investment professionals, with decades of experience managing billion-dollar institutional portfolios, and serial entrepreneurs in the international marketing and travel industries. We’re also curious world travelers who value time with our families above all else. And before Akras, we found these commitments were at odds. 

Then we learned the power of passive income, and the freedom it provides, acquiring and operating multifamily commercial real estate.  Now we want to share what we learned with you.

Our mission is to empower people with freedom to break free from the constraints of money, time and unfulfilling jobs, so they can pursue their life’s passions.


This is achieved by bringing institutional discipline to real estate investing and providing opportunities that generate passive income, build wealth and provide financial freedom to our partners and investors. We offer exclusive multifamily real estate investments in carefully-selected Inland Growth Cities across the United States. These investments have superior returns and stability compared to traditional investments and the stock market. 

We would appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and your goals and explore if there is a fit. Please reach out to schedule a meeting with us.

Thank You!

Charlie, Kristina and Linying

Founders of Akras

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