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Smart investments rooted in integrity

Akras Capital invests in real estate in secondary and tertiary inland cities in the US. Our main focus is on Multi-Family and small to medium sized apartment buildings in up-and-coming communities


Real people taking care of people

We take a strong community-focused approach to the management of our properties.  We work diligently on creating a strong, authentic tenant-landlord partnership. More like friends, less like adversaries.


What does your community need?

As economies grow and markets change, new development is needed in particular markets. We develop hotels, co-housing, apartment buildings and storage facilities. 

About Äkräs

Named for the Scandinavian god of nature and abundance, Akras Capital is a business that creates investment opportunities for investors seeking superior returns in the United States real estate market. Additionally, Akras provides apartment accommodation to rental tenants in medium-sized inland cities in the United States. Our mission is to intelligently invest and manage properties with integrity, for the betterment of our partners and communities.

Charles Stevenson

Charles Stevenson

Founding Partner

Charles is a serial entrepreneur founding his first business while still in college.  He is a founder of Akras concentrating on business strategy, operations, technology, and marketing initiatives.  Mr. Stevenson graduated from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.
Kristina Knight, CFA

Kristina Knight, CFA

Founding Partner

Kristina brings more than 10 years of experience in the capital markets to Akras.  As a founding partner, she is focused on credit analysis, strategy, and sourcing new investment opportunities.  Ms. Knight earned her BS at Northeastern University and has earned the right to use the CFA designation.
Linying Zou, CFA

Linying Zou, CFA

Founding Partner

Linying has spent the past decade working in fixed income research and trading.  She is a founding partner of Akras responsible for business strategy, credit analysis, lending decisions, and new business development.  Linying is a graduate of Boston College and a CFA charterholder.


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More Info

If you are an investor looking for opportunities in real estate or a property owner looking to sell a multi-family or apartment buidling, please contact our team at Äkräs Capital.

Address: Spokane, Washington

Phone: 617.543.9900